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              Our philosophy has always been, and always will be, quality over quantity. Every artificial grass or synthetic turf project we undertake receives our full attention to detail and professionalism. Every Panjia Turf project is backed by a 3 year workmanship warranty combined with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our design and installation teams are comprised of experienced, skilled tradesmen that are dedicated to customer satisfaction and a job well done – the first time.

             Our commitment to our customers: We guarantee the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for your artificial grass, synthetic turf or putting green project, as well as an exceptional customer service experience. We strive to provide these services to you at the lowest costs without compromising the quality, style, elegance and value we will help bring to your new outdoor environment. We partner with the leading artificial grass and synthetic turf distributors in the United States to provide you with the best artificial turf materials the industry has to offer. We offer the most up-to-date installation methods to provide you with a high-quality end product that will last for years to come.

             Panjia Turf is the artificial turf branch of Panjia Outdoors – a custom landscape and hardscape company. A lot of artificial turf companies only install artificial turf, often times not being able to service the various aspects that are associated with a landscape remodel. Panjia services everything from irrigation and drainage to pavers and lighting and more. Our focus is on developing a broader vision that goes beyond just artificial turf and provides our customers with a functional, appealing and cohesive landscape. 

             Panjia Turf is NOT owned by, or limited to, a manufacturer or distribution company. What this means is that we purchase only the quality materials from various suppliers and manufacturers and don’t tie our hands with one supplier. This allows us the ability to hand-pick the highest quality materials from several leading companies and provide you with only the highest quality and latest technology. We are continually researching artificial turf products from all available resources and ONLY install what we deem to be the highest quality. 

Panjia Is:

Licensed (Lic. 928978 C-27 Landscaping)


Insured (we carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurances).



Step 1: Consultation

A Panjia Turf design representative will meet you at your home or business and walk you through each detail and possibility for your project. They will discuss project requirements, review samples and ultimately provide you with an accurate installation proposal.



Step 2: Agreement & Scheduling

Upon acceptance of your installation proposal you will be provided with a detailed plan that outlines your project details, anticipated schedules and any HOA required documentation. At this point your project will be added to the installation schedule with a tentative starting date.



Step 3: Installation & Completion

Once your project is underway, our professional installation crew with remain on your project until it is completed (average installation duration is 2.5 days). Throughout this process you will have a site Foreman and a project manager that will communicate with you. After completion we will clean up the project site and you are ready to enjoy your new artificial turf!





The first step in the artificial turf installation process is the excavation of existing materials. A standard excavation is 3 – 4 inches below the finish elevation of the backing of the turf. This provides for a proper base depth of 3 to 3.5″.


After the excavation is completed, class II road base or decomposed granite is imported and spread at a thickness of 3 to 3.5 inches over the excavated area. Once the base is finely graded, it gets saturated with water and compacted with a vibratory plate compactor.


After  the base layer is graded & compacted, a 25-year polyethylene weed barrier is rolled out over the base and tacked down with 5″ sod-staples. This weed barrier with help prevent weeds growing up, or down through the artificial turf.



Now the fun can begin. The artificial turf can now be rolled out and left in the sun for a few hours to warm up so that it will be settled and can get a good stretch during the installation. We position the turf so that the grain faces the area it will be viewed from the most. Once in position, we begin stretching, securing and seaming the turf.



Once of the most important parts of the installation process is properly seaming and securing the turf. We always use seaming tape, seaming glue AND nails to secure the turf seams. Many companies up-sell this as a premium feature, however, we believe it is essential on every project. For the field, 5″ turf nails are used every 2 ft. on center and ever 4 – 6″ along the perimeter.



Once all of the turf has been seamed, trimmed and secured, we pre-broom with a motorized brush to lift the blades vertical which allows the infill to drop into the pile. After the pre-broom, we drop-spread the infill at a rate of 1 – 2lbs per square foot, depending on the type of turf. After the infill is spread, we do a final power broom run to help distribute and work the infill down into the bottom of the turf fibers. Upon completion of power brooming, it’s time to give it a rinse and enjoy your new artificial turf!  


  • "Best home project i have done yet. These guys came in and put in some artificial turf and patio pavers and were great. Friendly, professional. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking at artificial turf and/or pavers".
  • "Best home project i have done yet. These guys came in and put in some artificial turf and patio pavers and were great. Friendly, professional. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking at artificial turf and/or pavers". Grant B. - Encinitas "Great company! Had my entire backyard grass ripped out and artificial turf put in. The crew of 8 guys were done in one day (800 square feet of turf). Steve really knows his stuff when it comes to the turf, landscaping and pavers".
  • "Such professionalism and reliability. Our paver patio/entrance, stacked stone and turf are absolutely amazing! We continue to receive compliments from neighbors and passers by".



Driveways | Walkways | Patios | Pool Decks

      It’s true, artificial turf can look fake and boring if installed in a bare, character-less landscape. Including plants, stone, pavers, lighting and other decorative accents with artificial turf will provide you with a cohesive, natural looking landscape that will look anything but fake and boring. Panjia installs interlocking concrete pavers, low-voltage landscape lighting, rock scapes and water-wise planting to go along with your new artificial turf. 

Panjia Also Installs:

Interlocking Pavers

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Rock & Boulders

Garden / Sitting Walls

Drainage & Irrigation Systems



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